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Last night one of my friends was going to a party to have a ball time. But before she stepped out of the building she asked me to crosscheck something. It was a checklist of the must-have items that she carries every time she plans to go out.

So, a general checklist that comes to my mind is :

  • A wallet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Earphones
  • A watch
  • A nice perfume
  • Perfectly done hairs.

But I could see that her checklist is a bit different from mine which consists of :

  • A Wallet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Earphones
  • A watch
  • Perfectly done hairs
  • Not to wear nice perfume(someone could smell her and follow her !)
  • Pepper spray (in-case to knock down gentlemen down the streets !)
  • Swiss army knife(maybe she could need to chop something out !)
  • A guide to self-defense (just to read her way for time pass !)
  • Police helpline on the quick dial of the phone(in case she just feels like giving a missed call to someone !)

I was a bit scandalized seeing her checklist but it was all her efforts to avoid being the next rape story.

I recalled the recent cases making headlines in all the leading “misleading” news channels. All the images of people doing candle marches were flashing in front of my eyes. I could already hear the voices of people sitting in front of the television screens and proving themselves that they care more for a gender than the other, some responsible politicians giving some “sensible” interviews “guiding” the female of our country how to dress, some geeks coming up on social media with some trending #hashtags, some people out there blaming one’s religion for everything, all kind of artists expressing their pain in the art form that they are good at, all NGO’s doing charity and awareness programs, etc. etc….

Rape (sexual assault), that activity if you just imagine happening to yourself this will surely give you nightmares.

More horrifying is that these cases are more often and there are no criteria or age for a victim. There is no one to trust out there as in most of the cases the rapist is from close relatives or friends. And yes here I am talking about the women being a victim.

Although men are rarely on the other side of the table. But it doesn’t mean that men are not being raped.

Fact: 1.5% of all men have been raped and 47% of bisexual men have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact in their lifetime.

Let’s get back to women. Here are some statistics:

It is the state-wise representation of the number of rapes against women reported during the year 2013 in India.

These statistics are of 2013  and we are living in 2019 the number must have changed but I am sure that the numbers are not going to be less than this. These are not only cases that have happened, but there are also numerous cases that were not filled in police stations. It may be due to fear of slander and sometimes just to maintain the low crime rate of the area.

Some of the most brutal cases that we have witnessed in the past few years :

  • Priyanka Reddy Case – 2019
  • Kathua rape case – 2018
  • Unnao Rape case – 2017
  • Shakti Mills gang rape – 2013
  • Nirbhaya Case – 2012

Whose mistake is there behind such kind of activity?

Wait Wait Wait! Just stop there before starting the blame game. Let us dig down deeper and ask some questions to ourselves.

  • Who is doing this?
  • Why they are doing this?
  • To whom this can happen?
  • Can you do something to fight with this?

Are you able to answer all the above questions? If yes, then I guess you have the answers. Now let’s validate your answers and investigate this topic.

Who is doing this?

The people doing these types of activities are for sure not in the correct state of mind. They are lacking a sense of right and wrong.

Some men think they have the right to force sex on another person. Research studies reveal that men who rape do not always consider forced sex to be a crime. They often believe they have a right to force sex with their partner, even if she says “NO“.

no means no

This is because people are not properly morally educated, to tackle down anger, ego or any of the strong desires. The rapist can be a highly educated professional and can be any illiterate street guy.

Why they are doing this?

Due to the revealing dress of a woman? Due to the jolly nature of a woman? Or…

None of these qualifies as the reason for doing a rape as there is no justification for someone attempting this kind of inhuman activity. All this boils down to how society is treating the “women’s idea of liberty” and men’s limit of “authority over women“.

To whom this can happen?

This kind of case can happen with any one of our sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, literally anyone.

Can you do something to fight with this?

Yes, Just act in any form or any way. Just speak up and educate people when and where possible. This is the responsibility of every individual that the person sitting next to him/her must not be afraid. Taking responsibility to keep the people around us safe and secure, we can’t end up blaming any government, society, community, religion, etc.

  • Just stand strong and face the odd situation now, to ease the future at least for our upcoming generations.
  • Support the victim of rape by believing her story and taking the crime seriously.
  • Encourage police officers to take the crime seriously. Urge them to arrest offenders and follow through with prosecutions.
  • Encourage State’s Attorneys to prosecute acquaintance rape cases to the full extent of the law.
  • Encourage media coverage of sexual assault cases.
  • Conduct educational programs in schools to raise student awareness of myths about sexual assault, prevention strategies and the need for clear communication.
  • To set up a rape awareness program for your school, religious group, civic organization or place of business.

While you have read this article there might be someone out there being raped ! The time to act is NOW!

Women helplines for India:

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